Jewish. Left. Not sorry.

Young Jewish Conservatives chair participates in Nazi campaign to silence Jewish Worker

Joel Griffith, chair of the Young Jewish Conservatives, participated in a mass-reporting campaign targeting The Jewish Worker led by a violent white supremacist group.
Naftali Botwin

The Jew Who Built An Anti-Nazi Resistance In Hitler's Army

Martin Monath was a German Jewish Trotskyist who organized resistance cells within the Nazi army. A new work uses archival materials to piece together his fascinating story.
Nathaniel Flakin

How the Right Is Redefining Antisemitism

In the hands of the pro-Israel political right, the New Anti-Semitism effectively flipped the script by declaring that anti-Zionism is racism.
Mairav Zonszein

For the first time in my life, I'm frightened to be Jewish

To any of these politicians who may be reading this, I am begging you: if you really do care about Jews, please, stop this.
David Graeber