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Award-Winning Israeli Journalist Faults U.S. Jews For Antisemitic Violence

Naftali Botwin

A popular Israeli television personality and award-winning columnist for Israel's leading newspaper Yediot Ahranot, Guy Bechor, has blamed American Jews for violent attacks targeting the American Jewish community.

In an interview Monday morning on Israel's Channel 13, Bechor used the language of white supremacists to fault progressive and liberal American Jews for allegedly undermining America's 'core values' of "family, nation, and faith." Bechor also claimed that Jews in the U.S. media concocted "Russiagate" to take down President Donald Trump.

"The whole fake conspiracy of lies that accused the President of colluding with Russia? It was all Jews," Bechor exclaimed, falsely.

"Progressive Jews will be the death of American Jewry. That's what happened in Europe, and that's what's happening here," Bechor said, apparently blaming Jews for provoking the Holocaust.

"There are two or three million good Jews who support Israel. They need to rise up against these progressive Jews," Bechor said. "They are at the vanguard of changing the U.S. to abandon values of family, nation, and faith." His remarks mirrored white supremacist rhetoric about negative Jewish social influence, often codedly referred to as Cultural Marxism, which states that Jews seek to destroy traditional Western culture in order to conquer Christendom. The same ideology was expressed in the manifesto of the Chabad of Poway shooter.

Bechor went on to claim that liberal Zionists, including J Street, Peter Beinart, and Thomas Friedman, whose efforts seek to maintain liberal Jewish attachment to Israel, were "enemies" of the state, saying that "they are a bigger threat to us than Iran."

He then asserted that liberal U.S. Jews should not be granted the right of return to Israel, the global Jewish people's alleged refuge from antisemitism.

"They brought it on themselves," Bechor concluded.

Watch below.

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